Bradbury Tube Forming Mill

Model D4
7 stands
4” shaft diameter
26” tooling space
Adjustment 32.875” to 2
26” tooling space
Adjustment 32.875” to 23.125”
14.125” bottom shaft CL to base
Drive shaft driven mill
150hp main motor
4 side pass stands
Bradbury 4 Roll Weld Box
Weld Scarfing OD and ID
Thermatool Welder
Model VT 160
Metco Type CU
Flame Spray metallizer
Cooling trough
10’ long
Bradbury Sizing Mill
3 horizontal stands
3 side pass stands
1 double sided turks head
Alpha cut off
Model FR 32-3-56
8.00” max OD
14” stroke
Line Direction L-R
Max Line Speed 100 FPM
Max Square 4.5” x 4.5”
Max Rectangle 6” x 4”
Max Round 6”
Max Wall thickness .187”
Entry Pay Off; American Steel Line
20,000lb capacity
20 to 24” coil ID
Over Arm Hold Down, Powered
Hydraulic Expansion
Coil Car
Shear and Butt welder